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Plant-Based Diets Can Aid in Weight Loss

Eating predominantly vegetarian, vegan, and even pesco-vegetarian diets has demonstrated weight loss success in a recent study. The trial consisted of a 2-month assignment in which patients were to follow a designated diet in their weight loss plan. The results showed that those who were assigned vegan or vegetarian diets shed significantly more pounds than those who were assigned omnivorous diet plans. Patients who followed a plant-based diet shed about 5% of their body weight compared to only a 2% weight loss to that of the omnivore diet plans. After the 2-month trial, patients were able to stray from their diet plan and add back in any foods that they wanted. The results showed that after 6 months, the vegan and vegetarian groups dropped about 6-8% of their weight in comparison to only 3% in their omnivore counterparts, providing significant evidence that plant-based diets can aid in weight loss.

The study found that the vegan and vegetarian groups had a comparable intake in protein as did the omnivore groups. They also proved to have the “greatest increase in carbohydrate intake and the biggest drop in total fat and saturated fat,” while also displaying the greatest decline in cholesterol. A useful tool noted in the study was that the stricter the diet plan, the more compliant the patients were in sticking with their diet which resulted in patients not straying too far from their original goal.

One question that surfaced in the study was whether limiting food choices meant that the patients actually just consumed less due to the limit in food choices or if the plant-based options actually aided in the weight loss. It is no question, however, that the benefits of eating a plant-based diet outweigh the detriment in health issues that one can avoid such as the risk of cancers, diabetes and other health issues that a plant-based diet can protect the body from.

For more details on the study, check out the original article posted on MedPage Today.

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