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Exercise Can Improve Depression

Tired of feeling down? Take matters into your own hands! One natural way to improve your emotional state is through exercising your body. Exercise can improve depression by boosting mood and improving your overall sense of well being.

Exercise can improve depression

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which are natural chemicals that interact with the receptors in your brain. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body when released which can help ward off depression and give you a natural high. This “high” triggered by endorphins is similar to that of morphine. The endorphins reduce your perception of pain and act as sedatives as a result of the neuron receptors manufactured in the body that are activated during exercise. It’s a high that is does not lead to addiction; however it can add joy and vibration to your life!

What’s in it for me?

Regular exercise can diminish your stress levels by allowing your body to deal with stress naturally. Your body is rejuvenated as fresh, oxygenated blood travels shoots throughout you. As a result, anxiety and depression is also reduced as the natural high is triggered. Regular exercise will also improve your quality of sleep as the body rests from healthy stress and activity. Sleep is an important factor in restoring the mind and the body, allowing both to completely surrender as it replenishes itself throughout the night.

Aside from improving depression, exercise has some excellent responses that come with it. It can strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, reduce body fat, improve muscle tone and bone strength and… it makes you look great!

So what can I do?

There are a number of sports and activities that you can engage in to get your exercise fix. It can be as light as walking, yoga, swimming and golfing or more aerobic as jogging, dancing, biking or playing a sport. There are many health programs out there that are geared towards serving all ages at any level of fitness such as Zumba, Crossfit, Ballet-barre, and even martial arts classes. Trained professionals can help determine what level is best suited for your needs, abilities and health goals. Exercising in groups or with a friend can add the support needed to help you succeed. It is ok to try out many different programs when looking for the right fit for you and your schedule. Keep an eye out for trail specials at studios! Give it a try and empower yourself in warding off depression using a natural approach.

Read more on how exercise can improve depression as previously posted by WebMD.

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