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The Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric seems to be gaining popularity in the last couple of years as more people are starting to learn about the amazing benefits it can offer. Turmeric is a spice from India that is often seen in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian recipes. It is used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines to treat infections and reduce inflammation in the body. Check out the benefits of turmeric as this special little can spice may surprise you.

Curcumin, which is the main component in turmeric, has been found to block an enzyme that promotes the growth of cancer. A study found that curcumin has prevented the advancement of malignant cells in head and neck cancer patients. Tumeric is also a powerful antioxidant with previously mentioned cancer-fighting properties. Studies have shown that it can treat or prevent prostate, skin and colon cancer. It is also a highly potent anti-inflammatory, and one of the most potent natural sources available.

A few of the benefits of turmeric include:

Arthritis relief
Diabetes stabilization
Alzheimer’s disease prevention
Wound healing
Liver Detoxifier
Cholesterol balancer
Immune booster

How to consume Turmeric 

Turmeric can be taken as a supplement but it is best when consumed in its original state. You can sprinkle it onto your foods, salad/salad dressing, or any version of steamed or grilled veggies. Coconut oil is said to maximize the flavor when cooking turmeric. Turmeric can also be added to rice, potatoes, chicken, lentils, or soup. Turmeric is known for its strong orange color so make sure to note that it can stain your pots and pans so be sure to soak your dishes after cooking with this amazing spice.

There are many ways to add turmeric into your diet. Look for ways to make smoothies and refreshing summer drinks! This is one inexpensive source that can add a lot of healing benefits into your life. And it makes your food taste good! You definitely cannot go wrong with this spice.

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