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Inconsistent Meal Times Can Have an Effect on the Liver

A recent study done on mice suggests that keeping consistent meal times is important on many levels, but most importantly for the health of the liver. The body’s internal body clock is based on a 24-hr period of fluctuations of activity which are known as circadian rhythms. This study suggests that when the body’s circadian rhythms are disrupted, significant imbalances in the body can occur that can lead to diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver. Inconsistent meal times can have an effect on the liver as well taking your energy and focus out of balance.

This information is significant when evaluating the lifestyle choices for yourself and your family. The sun rises and falls consistently every day and it is important to be just as consistent. Maybe you can start by noticing how you begin your day.. What time do you wake up and how often are you eating breakfast? Do you take your meals to go or do you graze throughout the morning? What about your kids?

We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and your breakfast choices will play a big role on what your lunch may be like. Skipping breakfast in the morning could cause you to overeat at lunch time, but in some cases, it could also extend your loss of appetite. Ever notice that if you don’t eat breakfast, you can extend the length of time between morning and lunch? In contrast, eating a heavy breakfast can also make you very hungry right at lunch time as your body works to keep your circadian rhythm flowing.

The longest gap of time between meals typically occurs between lunch and dinner. Dinner hours vary for most people and families, depending on the timing of work and hobbies. If your time lunch and dinner needs to be extended, then plan a mini meal in between. Make it consistent and vary between fruit, smoothies, or your favorite healthy snacks.

Keep your meals consistent. Be good to your body! 🙂

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