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Himalayan Salt Lamps

All the way from the Himalayas come these magical salt rocks that have kind of rocked our world. 🙂 Himalayan salt lamps have been quite the hot topic in the last few years for a number of reasons. Salt lamps are pretty and lovely to look at, but they are also used to treat illnesses and improve the health of people.

Himalayan salt lamps are natural ion generators that emit negative ions into the atmosphere which restore and neutralize air quality. Most homes and offices are filled with electrical appliances (TV’s, microwaves, computers, cell phones) all of which emit positive ions. Keeping a salt lamp in these areas can counteract the effects of these appliances. Electrical appliances have been blamed for lowering our energy, making us depressed and affecting our mood. One little salt lamp in your workspace can provide a very protective shield for these types of occurrences.

The rocks from these lamps are made from salt crystals that are approximately 250 years old, varying in shades of pink, orange, peach, white and red. The heat from a lighted lamp attracts moisture, and it is through the evaporation of water that the negative ions are emitted. The amount of ions produce depends on the size of the rock and how hot the lamp will get with the bulb or candle.

So where can you find the magical lamps? If you want immediate access to one, try checking your local health food stores and bookstores. Most alternative health facilities are likely to carry them as well. If you are not in too much of a hurry, Amazon.com can provide many options for you that you may not find right away in your local area. Himalayan salt lamps can vary in shape, size, and color. You can find pyramids, cones, spheres and even candle holders. Keep one by your bed or at your work desk for the benefits of mental clarity and shield against psychological attacks. Your Himalayan salt lamp can be your source of tranquility and protection as it works to restore your environmental balance.

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