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Omega 3’s

Everyone seems to be talking about Omega fatty acids and how important they are for you. “Brain food” seems to be the popular claim, but what are other reasons to ensure proper intake of this supplement? Webmd.com has put together a list detailing the importance of Omega 3’s that briefly explains the benefits of Omega 3’s that we will reference below.

Omega 3’s are a substance that is found in fish, seeds/nuts, avocado and cruciferous plant sources. Because omega 3’s are not made by the body, it is important to get them regularly from your diet. Omega 3’s can also be found in easy to use products such as chia seeds, or in even easier to use sources such as supplemental capsules and oil blends that you can find at your local health food store. Read on to get an idea about why maintaining a regular omega 3 intake is crucial.

Brain Food – Cultures with a high Omega 3 intake in their regular diet have been found to have lower cases of depression. Brain health and brain function have also been shown to benefit immensely from a higher omega 3 intake. Patients with bipolar disorder, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, as well as depression have all shown vast improvement after increasing their Omega 3 intake.

Inflammation – Omega 3’s can reduce inflammation in the body. This is excellent news for anyone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and even acne. Omega 3 supplements also have been shown to increase the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs..

Children – Omega 3’s have been shown to support the visual and neurological development in babies. Studies have also shown that Omega 3’s can improve the mental skills in children (and adults) suffering from ADHD.

If you are looking to boost your brain health and inflammatory responses, Omega 3 fatty acids are the way to go!

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