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Tips to Eliminate the Use of Plastic

Plastics – they’re everywhere. Look around your home and you will find that there is quite a bit of reliance on plastic. Everything from food containers, condiment bottles, personal hygiene bottles, dishes, and cleaning items are all stored in plastic containers. Plastic contains BPA (bisphenol A) which is a chemical found in plastic that can have a harmful effect on the brain, hormones, and behavior. Not only is plastic harmful to your health, it is harmful to the environment as it does not biodegrade. It is never too late to make the transition. Here are some helpful tips to eliminate the use of plastic.

Look for clothing and bedding that are made of natural fibers. Polyester, nylon and vinyl are all made of plastic. Shower curtains can be replaced with hemp or flax-based eco-friendly curtains. Look for wooden trash cans and consider making your own shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste or cleaning products that you can comfortably store in glass containers.

Start by ditching your plastic storage and replace the containers with glass ones. This includes dishes and cutlery. Plastic saran wrap and wax paper are both difficult to recycle and can expose you to harmful chemicals. Mason jars are excellent for storage of liquids, foods, bulk foods, and leftovers. Take your soup to work with a reliable lid by pouring it into your mason jar. Canned foods contain lining made from BPA. Buy your food fresh or look for items stored in glass containers.

On the Go
Take your own water bottle. You can find reliable thermoses and glass bottles at your local health food store. If you drink coffee, always keep a mug with you at work or in your food bag. Carrying your own cutlery and passing up the straw can also reduce your plastic exposure. Keep cloth shopping bags in your car to limit your reliance on plastic bags, and save a tree! And most importantly, always do your part to recycle..

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