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The Importance of Probiotics after Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. You may have taken them to treat a bacterial infection (ear infection, urinary tract infection, or eye infection, for example). You may have also used antibiotics as a preventative measure after having surgery. The good thing about antibiotics is that they kill bacteria. The bad thing about antibiotics is that they kill GOOD bacteria, along with the BAD bacteria. Read more about the importance of probiotics after antibiotics.

So what is good bacteria?

Good bacteria plays an important role in keeping you healthy and taking probiotics can help! Probiotics are live microorganisms that are used to prevent and treat many conditions, particularly those that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics are similar to the existing beneficial bacteria that are already in the human gut. It is important to replace these healthy bacteria after taking antibiotics because they can be killed along during treatment.

You don’t have to wait until exposure to antibiotics to begin taking probiotics. Prevention is key! Below is a list of what probiotics can do to help keep your body healthy.

Reduce inflammation
Improve digestion
Treat infections
Treat ulcers
Reduce nasal congestion
Improve join function
Treat celiac disease
Improve depression
Eliminate candida

Sources of Probiotics

Miso Soup

Look into what sources may work well for you! Your body will thank you. The benefits of probiotic intake are endless! But most importantly, keep probiotics in mind if you are making a trip to the hospital or to the doctor after an acute visit. The importance of probiotics after antibiotics is significant in helping you heal quickly and prevent infections from occurring in the future.

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