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Infused Waters

The temperatures are still rising this summer, and what a better way to hydrate your body than with a vitamin-infused water that you can make right at home?! Infused waters are an excellent way to hydrate your body using natural resources – water, fruit/veggies and herbs. No added sugar or chemicals are present in this vitamin drink! Here are a few recipes that can help to hydrate you, as well as help you meet your health goals.


Lemon, Mint, Cucumber – To support your summer cleanse, try this citrus infused water. Lemon is known to support detoxification of the liver, and drinking this infused water in the morning can help stimulate your digestive system. Keep the remains in the fridge to help you cool you down throughout the day.


Blueberry, Lavender – Lavender is known to have stress relieving properties when inhaled or drank as a tea. Be sure to use edible lavender flowers and strain your infused water about 30 minutes after soaking. Aside from the soothing effects, lavender is also anti-fungal and can relieve bloating.

Glowing Skin:

Watermelon, Mint – It’s as simple as that. The watermelon will help to hydrate you and the mint will help to improve your digestion. This infused water also has a lovely taste and is a popular one with the kids!

Skip the sodas and the high-sugar fruit juices. Try some of these infused water recipes at home. They look good and they taste good! Hydrating your body never felt so good. Check out some more recipes here.

Crystal Fernandez


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