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The Importance of Probiotics after Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. You may have taken them to treat a bacterial infection (ear infection, urinary tract infection, or eye infection, for example). You may have also used antibiotics as a preventative measure after having surgery. The good thing about antibiotics is that they kill bacteria. The bad thing about antibiotics is...

Omega 3’s

Everyone seems to be talking about Omega fatty acids and how important they are for you. “Brain food” seems to be the popular claim, but what are other reasons to ensure proper intake of this supplement? Webmd.com has put together a list detailing the importance of Omega 3’s that briefly explains the benefits of Omega...

Inconsistent Meal Times Can Have an Effect on the Liver

A recent study done on mice suggests that keeping consistent meal times is important on many levels, but most importantly for the health of the liver. The body’s internal body clock is based on a 24-hr period of fluctuations of activity which are known as circadian rhythms. This study suggests that when the body’s circadian...

Plant-Based Diets Can Aid in Weight Loss

Eating predominantly vegetarian, vegan, and even pesco-vegetarian diets has demonstrated weight loss success in a recent study. The trial consisted of a 2-month assignment in which patients were to follow a designated diet in their weight loss plan. The results showed that those who were assigned vegan or vegetarian diets shed significantly more pounds than...