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What is Autism?

Autism is a multifaceted neurobiological condition affecting a child’s development of language, social interaction, and behavior. Children who suffer from autism have challenges with socialization, verbal and nonverbal communication, repetitive and restricted interests, and repetitive motor movements termed “stimming”.


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Dr. Oskin – Homœopathic Treatment of Autism



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Dr. Oskin’s passion for developmental pediatrics began as a resident. He can still vividly remember helping a 22-month-old boy with recurrent ear infections and speech delay.

The toddler’s parents brought him to Dr. Oskin to search out alternative options because they were at the end of their rope with conventional treatment options. In this boy’s short life, he had already been on 15 rounds of antibiotics for ear infections and had surgery for ear tubes. Despite the antibiotics halting each individual ear infection, he was constantly sick and the antibiotics weren’t making him healthy. He kept having one ear infection after the next. Dr. Oskin began treating him with homœopathy and he immediately started to improve. He had one more ear infection 6 months after starting the treatment and never had another ear infection again. In addition, he went from speech delayed to advanced in preschool. That little toddler is now a healthy young teenager.


Helping children like this boy and seeing the immense power of natural medicine to stimulate the body’s innate capacity to heal inspired Dr. Oskin’s passion for pediatrics. “Helping kids get healthy and watching them thrive is such fun, and makes a huge positive impact on the entire family. Kids who flourish grow up to live to their fullest potential, which is a boon for the world, and hugely satisfying personally,” says Dr. Oskin. Over time, as Dr. Oskin was able to help more kids he decided to focus his efforts on helping these children as he saw the results he was getting with children with ASD’s including helping speech delays, developmental and learning delays, sensory problems, seizures, tics, behavioral tantrums and problematic moods. Because homœopathy is a wholistic therapy, when he started to help these children with their ASD symptoms, they also responded to have less recurrent ear infections, allergies, skin rashes, digestive symptoms, as well as other health concerns. Dr. Oskin realized the desperate need for safe and effective treatments for this population and over time he was referred greater numbers of children on the spectrum, especially those with speech and developmental delays.


Over the years, Dr. Oskin has become an international speaker and expert on the natural treatment of Autism, and his work has been published widely. He is active in educating new generations of doctors as a guest lecturer and former faculty member at Sonoran University (formerly Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine) in Tempe, Arizona, where he attended medical school and completed his residency training. He holds the esteemed Diplomate (advanced specialty) status (DHANP) from the Homœopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP) and volunteers as the current president of the board.

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Dr. Jamie Oskin from Arizona Natural Health Center discusses homeopathy and natural treatments for autism.