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What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a common condition in the United States that occurs when inflammation of the sinus tissues causes nasal congestion, postnasal drip and facial fullness or pain. It is also often termed “rhinosinusitis” and can be more specifically described by the anatomic sinus involved (maxillary, ethmoidal, frontal, sphenoidal) and if it is caused by an infectious organism (viral, bacterial, or fungal).(1)

Sinusitis signs and symptoms typically include nasal obstruction or blockage, postnasal mucous drainage, facial fullness and/or pain, build up of mucous in the sinus cavities seen on imaging, fatigue or sleep disturbances due to nasal congestion, and fever.

Acute sinusitis is diagnosed clinically by a doctor, based on the history of the symptoms coupled with physical examination findings. Acute sinusitis is most commonly treated by primary care providers with treatments aimed at eliminating the infection. Most classifications define acute sinusitis if the symptoms have been happening for 4-12 weeks.

Recurrent sinusitis is diagnosed when 2-4 sinus infections recur each year with at least a two month period without symptoms between episodes.

Chronic sinusitis is typically defined as ongoing sinus symptoms lasting more than 12 weeks and confirmed sinus obstruction with radiographic imaging, nasal endoscopic examination by an otolaryngologist, or physical exam findings coupled with a history that matches the symptoms of chronic sinusitis.(1,2)  Chronic sinusitis can be infectious or noninfectious, and can also be caused by allergies or acid reflux.(2).

Conventional Treatment

The current goals for conventional treatment of acute sinusitis include therapies that promote sinus drainage and antibiotics to eliminate any infection.(3) A recent study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) evaluated the antibiotic amoxicillin versus placebo for treatment of acute sinusitis. The study found a lack of evidence in the medical literature to support the use of antibiotics for treatment of acute sinusitis, even though they are commonly used. The study found that those treated with amoxicillin had no difference in symptom improvement at days 3 and 10 compared to those who were given placebo.(4)

The current goals for the conventional treatment of chronic sinusitis are to reduce the swelling inside the nasal passages, increase drainage of the sinuses, and eliminate any infections. Typically the treatment regimen includes a combination of topical and oral glucocorticoid steroid medications, antibiotics, and nasal saline irrigation. If this first line of treatment fails, then patients are typically referred to an otolaryngologist (a.k.a. an ENT – ear, nose, throat specialist) for sinus surgery.(5)

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is an incredibly safe, gentle and effective treatment used by the team at Arizona Natural Health Center for both acute and chronic sinusitis. Homeopathic treatment helps to reduce symptoms of nasal congestion, facial fullness and pain, and eradicate the infection. Chronic homeopathic treatment can help improve the immune system, helping patients become healthier overall and reducing the risk of recurrent sinus infections.

Homeopathic Research for Sinusitis:

Homeopathy has been shown in research to be safe and effective for sinusitis. A recently published multi-center observational study1 evaluated the homeopathic treatment of chronic sinusitis in 550 patients. Results were assessed using the chronic sinusitis assessment score (CSAS) and X-ray imaging. There was a statistically significant reduction in CSAS scores (P = 0.0001) after 3 and 6 months of treatment. 97% of patients that completed the study had improvements in their chronic sinusitis symptoms. Marked improvement was found in 340 patients (61.8%), moderate improvement in 137 patients (24.9%) and mild improvement in 55 patients (10%).(6)

A subset of 355 patients had X-rays of their sinuses taken at baseline, 3 and 6 months of treatment. By the end of study 55% (155/283) of those patients with chronic maxillary sinusitis showed no evidence on X-rays and 87% (13/15) of patients with frontal sinusitis showed no evidence on X-rays. This indicates that homeopathy may be able to help reverse the sinus obstruction found on X-ray imaging due to chronic sinusitis. The study also found homeopathy to be very safe and there were no complications or side effects observed during the treatment.(6)

Testimonial: Sinusitis

Recently, when on vacation in India, I got very sick with infection and saw a doctor twice there and took strong antibiotics. I came back, was still sick, and went to both Urgent Care (more medicine) and to an Ear Nose Throat doctor. The ENT put me on a month course of antibiotics, which helped. After the month, though, the symptoms came back. I was very sick again. At that point, I visited Dr. Oskin and he did an hour-long intake to find out the exact nature of my illness [sinusitis]. The homeopathic remedy he prescribed worked within just a couple days (and cost about $6 at Sprouts). That same day, I was feeling MUCH better. Within a week, the symptoms were almost completely gone! A month and a half of conventional medicine couldn’t even do that!  ~ A.P.


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