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Awareness, Empowerment and Health


Your ability to change is dependent on self-awareness. As you become able to accurately see where you are now, you are able to chart a course for where you want to go and who you want to be.


Healing is dependent on your ability to change your present circumstances. Empowerment occurs when you feel capable of change—changing yourself, changing your circumstances, changing your community for the better.

Given support, encouragement, and knowledge, your self-awareness will breed empowerment to restore your health. 


Empowerment leads to action and action leads to change. Positive change promotes healing and healing begets health. When you achieve renewed health and vitality, you will become a source of inspiration and a resource for others, who like us, desire greater health, vitality, and happiness. 

In this way, healing yourself is healing our community, and healing our communities is healing the world.

All that man needs for health has been provided in nature 


AzNHC Wellness Programs

Arizona Natural Health Center’s breakthrough system has proven that diminished health and vitality can be reclaimed by just about any proactive person at any age. This system works! This is done by your team taking the time to do the true detective work and find the underlying causes of your symptoms, then focusing on the synergistic combination of proven lifestyle changes as well as treatment with safe non-toxic therapies. With your participation and action toward modifying your daily habits and participating in your treatments, your goals can be met.

As a note, please understand that not everyone qualifies for our program. The doctor(s) working on your case will make that determination and will do their best in finding the proper referral if necessary.

Resolving the underlying causes of your health concerns and frustrations can only be achieved by following a proven system. Our programs were designed to address the 6 major Pillars that govern your health. These include healthy Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Stress Management, Detoxification, and Community and Social Support. All of these Pillars are addressed through treatment protocols here at our center. However, much of the program is dependent on your actions and lifestyle modification outside the center. Furthermore, these changes will become permanent as this is a comprehensive system rather than a short-lived regimen.

We look forward to an opportunity to forge a very beneficial and prosperous relationship with you!

Warm regards,

Dr. Eric Udell
Dr. Danite Haller
Dr. Jamie Oskin
Dr. Celaine Moreno

Watch Dr. Udell Speak About Homeopathy on AM ARIZONA

At Arizona Natural Health Center, our team of naturopathic doctors blends leading edge medical science and preventative care with proven centuries-old therapies, such as homeopathy, to stimulate your body’s tremendous ability to heal itself. No matter if you’re suffering from a cough, an allergy, ADD or depression, or even a serious chronic illness, homeopathic medicine is a remarkably effective therapy— yet sadly under-utilized today.  In fact, if you ask our patients, they’ll tell you it is often successful where conventional medicine fails.

The reality is that not all naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in homeopathic medicine. The difference at Arizona Natural Health Center is that our team of naturopathic doctors has collectively accomplished tens of thousands of hours of hands-on training in homeopathic analysis and case management.  Many of our wellness experts have traveled the world and studied with great masters in homeopathic medicine to complete coveted homeopathic residencies and fellowships.

And while homeopathy is an emphasis here at Arizona Natural Health Center, our approach is absolutely holistic.  Therefore, in addition to a natural homeopathic remedy, your individual treatment plan may also include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, natural hormone therapy, lifestyle modification, and physical medicine.  This holistic health approach to your healing allows us to help you achieve optimal health and enjoy a greater quality of life!

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