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It is normal and healthy to worry at times, or to feel sad or down after a disappointment. Nervousness is a normal response as you gear up to do something new or extreme, sadness or grief is also a healthy response to loss or misfortune. So how do you know if you have anxiety or depression?  This can be a tough question.

Anxiety is a condition where the mind and body are stuck in a stress response of some kind, True anxiety is present when there is very little internal peace or well being due to the constant fear, worry or tension.

Homeopathic Treatment

Treating anxiety and depression naturally is very effective. For effective homeopathic treatment the first step is to identify when the problem started and what was going on at that time. Sometimes anxiety is due to a trauma in the past that was not fully healed and left an injury on the emotional body (Post Traumatic Stress disorder). Other times it may have been issues from childhood, or never feeling well emotionally since a divorce or negative job experience, loss, etc.


For others there may not be a clear starting point. The next important step is for your doctor to fully understand how your condition manifests, what triggers it, what makes it worse, what makes it better. The individualization of people, and their individual expression of disease, is taken into account and is helpful for your doctor to find your homeopathic medicine that will stimulate emotional balance and resilience.

Example of individualization
One person with anxiety is worse when around a lot of people, and feels her anxiety as racing thoughts and negative thoughts that are out of her control. She feels warm with the anxiety and perspires excessively. Also, as her anxiety increases she feels an increased abdominal discomfort that often results in diarrhea.

Where as another person’s anxiety may be worse when they are alone and better in company, and they experience their anxiety as a physical restlessness and discomfort that makes them need to move although they are tired, and they feel their heartbeat in their chest. They notice that their anxiety is worse in the mornings on waking, and also at night preventing sleep.

It is these examples of differentiation that are so important to the selection of the accurate homeopathic medicine for you. Homeopathy is not protocol medicine, we have to take the time to understand you and your expression of the disease in order to find your remedy.

When the correct remedy is selected, and the case managed well over time, patients with anxiety and depression feel a great relief and return of peace.

A common question we get is – “what if I am already on an anti- anxiety or anti- depression medication?”  We commonly get people seeking our natural therapies for mental health issues that are already medicated for the condition. They are usually only seeing partial results on the medication, or can not tolerate the side effects of the medication, but they are afraid to go off completely.

The way we handle this is we change nothing about the medication you are already on and add in our treatments.  We know our treatments are working when we see a further improvement in the “whole person” after implementing the homeopathic medicines. At this point we decide together if you are ready to slowly and carefully wean off of the medications now that the homeopathic therapy is in place and achieving results.