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Type 2 Diabetes

A Special Message from Dr. Jamie Oskin

First, let me say that I understand what you’re going through. Littered throughout my family tree are histories of people I love who have suffered from diabetes. It was devastating to watch my beloved grandparents suffer from diabetes leading to unnecessary heart attacks and strokes and even more torturous has been to see my parents headed down the same path. I’ve even had close relatives suffer from kidney failure and disability due to nerve damage as a result of diabetes. Personally, when I started medical school in my early twenties I was headed down the same path as my family members. In fact, I was overweight and had the beginning signs of pre-diabetes and rising cholesterol.

Medical school not only taught me how to help others, it also taught me how to heal myself. When I incorporated the lifestyle changes in the Arizona Natural Health Center Diabetes Program, I lost weight, my blood sugars normalized, and my cholesterol plummeted into a beautiful, heart attack preventing range between 150 to 160mg/dL and has remained there for over 8 years.

Along the way, I have worked with many patients suffering from the effects of diabetes. Like those patients, you too may be fed up with taking medications that at best act as a Band-Aid to mask the symptoms of diabetes and at worst cause side effects like hypoglycemic episodes and diarrhea. All along, these medications cannot fix the problem and will not reverse their diabetes. If this frustration with Band-Aid medications sounds like you, then you may be ready to make some serious changes in your life to reverse your diabetes and get your life back. I trust you are at the point where you are ready to do something more.

You’re never too old to learn new things and improve your life. I’ve even had many patients in their 80’s who put these principles into effect and transformed their health to live life to their fullest with more fun, activity, and clarity of mind than when they were in their 70’s, 60’s or 50’s. Why wait? The time is now! You can transform your health and your life.